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There are some other ambigrams out there of this word, mostly using the singular form and relying on the b/g transformation. I wanted to give it a spin of my own.

peter ambigram


A negative-space transform. Pure fun!

patricia ambigram


Despite some unconventional aspects, most people find this one surprisingly readable.

dave ambigram


The solution itself is trivial, so I stretched it a bit with the medium -- scratchboard.

lisken ambigram


About the hardest challenge I've tackled (yet) -- but ultimately very satisfying. "Lisken" is a Norwegian family name meaning "little Elizabeth."

forever-no-matter-what ambigram

"Forever no matter what"

My customer had a favorite family motto -- could I ambigram it? Yes, I could!

dick ambigram


Wacky typography helps this one work, and gives it flair.

jamie ambigram


Sometimes a simple solution is best.

william ambigram


William is just one of those words that is practically an ambigram from the get-go!

john ambigram


I took a liberty with the swash in front of the J, but it works ok, neh?

john ambigram

Engineering Jamboree

Some logos (corporate, event, organization) lend themselves to ambigrammatical treatment.