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social selling infographic

Social Selling Overview

Flat design concept proposal.

house cutaway infographic

Cooling System Cutaway

For Old House Journal magazine, illustrating one of several innovative home cooling designs that were featured in that issue.

world map infographic

Growth of the Internet

For Webmaster magazine.

Plastic recycling infographic

Rates of Plastic Recycling

For Fast Company magazine.

Battery cutaway infographic

Battery Cutaway

Technical diagram for an article on advances in battery technology.

Home heating cutaway infographic

Home Heating Cutaway

For Old House Journal magazine, illustrating how a traditional hot water heating system can be "zoned" for greater efficiency.

Home attic infographic

Attic Insulation

For Old House Journal magazine, the flow of moist air and the role of vapor barriers in insulating older houses.

solar infographic

Solar Business Process

For an industrial publication.

Low-flow toilet infographic

Low-Flow Toilets

For Garbage Magazine.

Calcium diet infographic

Food Sources of Calcium

For Natural Health Magazine.

Oregon map infographic

Oregon Wilderness

For Garbage Magazine.